Yanagisawa S-WO20 Straight Bronze Body Soprano Saxophone.

Yanagisawa S-WO20 Straight Bronze Body Soprano Saxophone.

WO20 Yanagisawa Soprano sax is the top bronze model, capable of a soft yet full and beautiful soprano tone.

Model : [S-WO20]
Price : AU $7,995.00 AU $6,600.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Sunday 04 October, 2020

The WO20 is sure to impress saxophonists with its exceptional built quality, impressive ergonomic key design, incredibly consistent intonation and tonal eveness throughout the registers (and, let's face it, the bronze body looks stunning..).

Yanagisawa ‘Elite’ models are true player’s instruments that represent the pinnacle of saxophone craftsmanship. Delivering a moderate level of resistance, the accomplished player can discover a truly effortless tone with unrivalled depth and flexibility, and a genuinely unparalleled freedom of expression.

Equipped with new necks (in both the curved and straight designs) that offer an improved playing experience with tonal stability, these instruments deliver a more focused tonal core with just the right balance of resistance.

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