Yanagisawa 981 Sopranino Saxophone (NOW SOLD)

Model : [MO-CON01948]
Price : AU $4,800.00 AU $4,400.00
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***NOW SOLD***

Have you ever played a sopranino saxophone? Why not come in to our Moorabbin store to give this one a try!

The sopranino saxophone is pitched in Eb, exactly one octave above the alto sax, or a perfect 4th above the soprano sax. It is keyed down to low Bb, with palm keys up to high E. There are dedicated sopranino mouthpieces and reeds. Fortunately, this saxophone comes with 2 Yanagisawa hard rubber mouthpieces with number 5 and number 7 tip openings, as well as a box of Vandoren traditional #2 reeds.

This professional Yanagisawa sopranino sax was purchased 3-5 years ago for a hobbyist player, and it has seen very light duties since then. The lacquer finish and original leather-finished case are in immaculate condition. Yanagisawa has a long-held reputation for excellent build quality, and this saxophone is no exception, with rock-solid keywork fitting, beatiful key pearls and intricate floral engraving.

Playing wise everything is travelling well, with all pads looking near-new. The mechanisms all feel pretty good, and with a general service in the next 12 months (approx $250) everything will be sealing and playing perfectly. Sopranino saxophones are special order only items, meaning that they are generally not available without a 20% deposit and a 6-9 month wait, so this saxophone offers a rare chance to try one out and perhaps even become one of the lucky few who own and play the nino!

Serial Number: 00323902


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