Yamaha YTS-82ZASP Atelier Special Ltd. Edition Tenor Saxophone

 Built in strictly limited numbers, the YTS82Z Atelier Special (ASP) model was developed by Jeff Peterson and the team at the Yamaha Atelier in L...

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This product was updated in our catalog on Tuesday 06 November, 2018

 Built in strictly limited numbers, the YTS82Z Atelier Special (ASP) model was developed by Jeff Peterson and the team at the Yamaha Atelier in Los Angeles, in consultation with top American jazz artists. The result is an extensively redesigned instrument, offering a number of unique features and a level of refinement and playability that make it a truly world class instrument. With this model, Yamaha are seeking to convert vintage horn enthusiasts, and this horn delivers the tonal colour and vibrant personality that is often associated with vintage saxes, with all the benefits of modern engineering and ergonomics.

With the highly successful 82Z as a base, every aspect of this saxophone’s design has been carefully thought through and tweaked for optimum tone and performance. One of the biggest changes is the new custom lightweight C1 neck, with a smaller bore than the standard V1, which completely changes the personality of the instrument. Additional new features include:

  • Gorgeous amber lacquer with extensive hand engraving
  • High-mass brass neck screw
  • Hard rubber LH thumb rest
  • Lightweight metal RH thumb rest
  • Lightweight 2-point bell to body brace
  • Post-to-body construction on RH main keywork, ribbed construction on LH stack
  • Repositioned neck strap ring
  • No high F# key – removes tone hole at the top of the body
  • Refined key layout
  • Limited edition leather-finished flight case

Each aspect of this saxophone’s design has been refined through extensive research and development at Yamaha’s state of the art Atelier facility, which provides repair and setup services to star Yamaha artists, as well as research into instrument design using cryogenic freezing, microscopic arc welding, and other weird and wonderful techniques. The end result is a saxophone that really offers a distinctive personality, plays beautifully across the whole range, and offers a genuine challenge to beloved vintage saxophones.

Saxophone specialist Aidan says, “many saxophone manufacturers claim to build instruments with a vintage sound, but they’re often missing that ‘special something’. This Yamaha is different – they’ve clearly thought about every aspect of the instrument, and produced a real classic. The small bore neck gives the tone a compact, dark, woody core with heaps of character, that’s very reminiscent of the SBA or early Mark VI vibe. Everything is refined and comfortable, very light in the hands, but with heaps of richness and dynamic range on tap. It’s very different to the standard 82Z, and if you haven’t been keen on buying a modern horn for fear of losing out on ‘personality’ then give this one a crack – you’ll be amazed!”

There will only be 4 (four!) of these saxophones available in Australia, out of under 100 worldwide, and Ozwinds is very fortunate to be receiving all 4! That makes these saxophones super rare and unique. These saxophones are right at the forefront of modern instrument manufacture, and will only become more desirable and hard-to-find as years go by. Don’t miss your chance to play a modern classic with a personality all of its own – contact one of our stores to arrange a test play.


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