Yamaha Bassoon Custom Series YFG-821 C

Yamaha Bassoon Custom Series YFG-821 C

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Yamaha Custom bassoons can be heard in some of the world's greatest orchestras, and are considered the finest currently being produced. They deliver a full rich sound which allows control of the most subtle tone shadings in delicate passages, while letting you open the sound up beyond traditional limits. With redesigned tonehole shapes and positions, and ergonomic "finger-friendly" key shapes, Yamaha Custom bassoons have extremely accurate intonation and a comfortable playability. The 821 was designed for players who prefer a great deal of tonal flexibility. It is perfect for soloists and others who desire maximum capability to change their sound qualities. It is available in conventional or 'compact' (as shown) style body configurations.

Long-seasoned maple body (long bore)/silver plated nickel-silver F-G trill key (high E key), E-F# trill keys/High C & high D keys, 6 rollers, With 2 bocals Each model is available with either traditional or compact type body configuration. Compact type bassoons have an extra joint which permits the use of a smaller case. When ordering a compact system bassoon, add 'C' to the model number.

Model Characteristics Fingering system Mechanical
Trill keys Body Keys Features
YFG-811 Easy response, clear elegant tone Heckel system High C key, high D key, 6 roller keys (low C#, low Eb, F#, Ab little finger, Ab thumb, F) F-G, E-F# Long-seasoned maple Thinner wall Silver-plated With two bocals
YFG-812 Warm rich tone, powerful projection Thicker wall
YFG-821 Great tonal flexibility Longer bore

As most bassoonists know, the bocal affects the instrument's tone and playability to an extraordinary extent. Until now, however, most bocals have been plagued by inconsistency -no two of the same model would sound or play quite the same. The “perfect” bocal has been an elusive goal for players and manufacturers alike. To discerning players everywhere the consistently high quality of Yamaha Super Bocals is a true breakthrough... which can significantly improve the tone and playability of just about any bassoon for any player. Hand-crafted from the finest materials with traditional care and attention to detail, Yamaha Super Bocals are the closest thing to a “Perfect Bocal” ever produced, and have earned praise from some of the most distinguished artists of our time.

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