Trevor James Flute Headjoints

Trevor James Flute Headjoints

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The headjoint is singularly the most important part of the flute, not only for sound production but also for tuning. Flute makers continually strive to make the ‘perfect’ headjoint, however because this is such a subjective topic, the perfect headjoint will probably never be made. Broken down in to three distinct parts, the tube, lip plate and the chimney or riser, most headjoints give different strengths and tonal widths in various parts of the octave. There are various reasons for the different headjoint characteristics of the various manufacturers - different parabolic curves, varying embouchure sizes, angles and depths. What can be said with certainty however is that a student will advance quicker, and to a higher standard if they play on a flute resplendent with a responsive headjoint.

As a specialist flute company, we understand the importance of the headjoint. Unlike most other manufacturers, we do not manufacture a standard headjoint for our complete range. Instead we have studied and researched what tonal requirements a new flute student through to a professional desires.

When Trevor J. James started the Company in 1979, his specialisation was headjoint design. Working closely with the top flute players of the day enabled him to quickly understand that almost every player required something tonally different from a headjoint. Taking this deep understanding of the headjoint and transferring this knowledge into the design of his student - 10x MkII headjoint. The new player requires a flute headjoint to be free blowing throughout the range. In the early months they will often find the low octave difficult to sound and therefore the headjoint for the Trevor J. James 10x MkII has been designed to give the new player the sound qualities which encourages and supports their practice and development.

 Developing your flute sound - The 'Performers' Series

The developing flute player requires a little bit more resistance with their headjoint, which gives them the opportunity to find their sound whilst experimenting with differing tonal colours. The flute headjoints of the 'Performers' Privilege (silver-plated), Cantabile (silver head) and Virtuoso (silver tube) Series models are designed with lip plate and riser designs to give re exactly that.

 The advanced flute player - The 'Masters' Series

The advanced player will really appreciate the tonal qualities of these handmade headjoints on the Trevor J. James 'Masters' Series instruments. The headjoints on these flutes give the player the opportunity to really roam around the tonal spectrum to locate the sound qualities and colours required.