Selmer Tenor Saxophone Series II Jubilee (Gold Lacquered)

Selmer Tenor Saxophone Series II Jubilee (Gold Lacquered)
[S80II GG]

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Buy direct from the Selmer Paris importers in Australia. We can offer the Selmer Series II Jubilee Tenor Saxophone at a world competive price with a...

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Buy direct from the Selmer Paris importers in Australia. We can offer the Selmer Series II Jubilee Tenor Saxophone at a world competive price with a full Australian product warranty which you will not receive buying off shore.
Our sell price constantly changes due to exchange rates. Contact us for a current sell price here

The Jubilee Edition saxophones replace the standard Super Action 80 Series II and Super Action 80 series III saxophones. Jubilee Series instruments are more aesthetically elegant and offer redesigned features that are lighter and more responsive. Series II Jubilee Edition Tenor Saxophone is a tenor that can do it all. Whether you are playing jazz or classical music or anything in between, this is the right choice for any application.

The Super Action 80 Series saxophones have been the professional choice for a generation and continue to be the most popular professional saxophone in the world. The reasons are clear: they all possess a flexible but centered tone that is natural in almost any playing situation. Yellow brass body tubes and keys resonate across the entire timbre spectrum: full-ribbed construction enhances their durability. The Series’ superior intonation characteristics make these saxophone a natural choice for any professional or those who aspire to be.

125 years of experience have enabled Selmer Paris to create the acoustic and aesthetic alchemy of the saxophone and become the main architect of its evolution. With the jubilee celebration saxophones, Selmer lays the foundation for a new visual identity of the instrument, while keeping intact its sound conception and the creativity of its ergonomics.

In keeping with the French jeweler’s tradition, the new engraving is thinner thanks to an new outline technique, comes to decorate the bell and the bow, doubled on the bell-to-bow ring by the original signature of the Founder, Henri Selmer. A new lacquer optimizes the quality of the play of light through shades of “gold” tone in the instrument’s reflection.

The neck key is redesigned through a lighter mechanism and subtly thinner outlines, thus becoming more elegant. In order to fulfill this new visual balance, the geometry of the “S” neck is imperceptibly modernized on a deep blue background even more recognizable.

Please Note: Selmer case is an option to buy with our sale price


Acoustics     Series II bore – broad, dark sound
Neck    Series II bore
Range    High F# key
Construction    Full ribs – quick response
Brass     Standard yellow brass
Mechanism     Left-hand palm keys close to the body
Left-hand thumb rest    Plastic
Right-hand thumb rest    Plastic adjustable
Adjusting screws    Rocker regulation of high E & F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G# adjusting bar, low C#, low B
Pivot screws    Tapered
Needle springs    Blued steel
Pads    Treated kid leather with metal resonators – projection
Finish    Gold Lacquer