Selmer Paris Alto Saxophone "Supreme"

The Supreme Alto Saxophone has all the qualities common to the models that preceded it, meeting the desires of all saxophonist profiles:  beauty and care in the creation of the Balanced Action, the legendary suppleness of the Mark VI, the ease of the Super Action 80 Series II, the precision and elegance of the Series III, and the power and roundness of the Reference.

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This product was updated in our catalog on Saturday 04 December, 2021

Possibly the most highly anticipated instrument release for many years, we are FINALLY proud to present the gorgeous new Selmer Supreme alto saxophone!

The culmination of nearly a decade of design, development and testing from Henri SELMER Paris Saxophones, these altos are simply awesome in every sense of the word. There will initially be one available in both our Moorabbin and Brisbane stores, and they are tipped to sell quickly, so hurry in to test play your dream horn!

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After 100 years of saxophone innovation, design and manufacturing, Henri SELMER Paris redefines the modern identity of the alto saxophone by creating the Supreme.

The realization of this new instrument embodies the culmination of a secular know-how, combined with a perfectly mastered manufacturing tool, up to the ambition of Maison Henri SELMER Paris.

It is characterized by perfectly balanced accuracy , infinite sound colors , and high emission precision . Its roundness and its capacity for projection make it both traditional and resolutely modern. Its flexibility and ease of playing erase the natural constraints inherent in the saxophone. The refinement and care taken in its manufacture as well as fully corrected ergonomics, reveal an unprecedented pleasure and evidence of play.

The starting point was a vast survey carried out internally and with musicians, technicians, dealers and distributors to determine the main lines of what the Supreme would become.  

Once the specifications had been established, the Research & Development teams led by Jérôme SELMER went into action. They were ready to convert all the acoustic and technical knowledge accumulated over many years of research and acoustic experimentation. Their goal was clear: to make the best saxophone ever.

To better free themselves from musical aesthetics and imagine the universal instrument, a team of saxophonists testing various styles was formed. No acoustic, mechanical, ergonomic or aesthetic detail has been overlooked.

The use of new technologies has been widely used: 3D printing, metrology (3D scanner), automated control of machining tools, etc. The idea was to reinvent everything without having to start from a blank page.

Eight years ago, Selmer Paris set themselves a challenge: to design the best saxophone ever made. A saxophone that would rise above musical genres. A saxophone adapted to all kinds of music, playing styles and sound types. A saxophone whose ease and evidence of playing would induce a direct and immediate relationship to sound.

To better free themselves from musical genres and imagine the universal instrument, a team of saxophone testers of various genres was formed. No acoustic, mechanical, ergonomic, nor aesthetic detail was neglected.

Today, Selmer Paris are very proud to present the result of their research, the culmination of a hundred years of expertise, an instrument unanimously acclaimed by a very diverse team: the Supreme Alto Saxophone.