Legere Signature Series European Reed Cut for B-flat Clarinet

Legere Signature Series European Reed Cut for B-flat Clarinet[LGCR80]

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Date Added: Friday 10 August, 2018

by Philip Wheatland

I've been playing for more than thirty years and this is my first experiment at using a synthetic reed. My expectations weren't very high, but my initial experience with the Legere SS European Cut was positive and after a couple of months of playing them I'm able to give them an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

I have found that the 3.75 strength reed on a Selmer C85 120 mouthpiece gives a full, classical sound across the compass of the instrument. I'm not able to pick any difference in response or projection from the Vandoren V12 No 4s that have been my go-to clarinet reed for years. Musically, there's really nothing to choose between the two.

Based on my experience with the 3.75 reed, I also bought a 3.5 reed for comparison. The 3.75 is a fraction too hard for me but I can manage it with a bit of reed-pressing. The 3.5 is fine but doesn't quite have the same depth of sound. Still, it's a good stand-by for those long gigs.

I'd be interested to see if Legere ever produce a reed that's coloured like natural cane. I find the clear plastic makes the tip a little harder to see against the black of the mouthpiece, especially in a dark stage pit.

For most people, it'll come down to price. To justify the difference in cost, Legere reeds give you consistency, ease of maintenance, and no need to spend any time on seasoning them. Whether you get value for money depends on how long they last for you. Mine are as good as new after three months, but then I'm not playing every day.

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