Hohner Comet Octave Tuned Harmonica - 20 Double Hole (40)

Hohner Comet Octave Tuned Harmonica - 20 Double Hole (40)

Model : [2504/40]
Price : AU $139.00 AU $125.10
This product was updated in our catalog on Monday 26 October, 2020

Hohner Comet Harmonica

The elegant Comet series boasts an eye-catching streamlined design which is combined with opulent gold anodized covers and a solid plastic comb to create a distinctive and attractive overall concept. The projecting rounded channel dividers in the mouthpiece area offer the player fascinating possibilities of varying the sound and make the Comet a delight for both eyes and ears. As well as single sided models in two different sizes, the Comet is also available as a double-sided “Wender” instrument, where each side is tuned to a different key.

Tuning chart

Blow E4 G4 C5 E5 G5 C6 E6 G6 C7 E7
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Draw G4 B(H)4 D5 F5 A5 B(H)5 D6 F6 A6 B(H)6


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