25 Rico Tenor Sax Reeds, Strength 2 1/2 - Old Stock

25 Rico Tenor Sax Reeds, Strength 2 1/2 - Old Stock

We are clearing out old stock. These reeds are in old style packaging.

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Unopened Box of Rico Strength Number 2 1/2 Tenor Saxophone Reeds, Box of 25 

These reeds were made / produced about 20 years ago by Rico International.

Many players say older reeds are well seasoned and play better.

- Designed for ease of play
- Unfiled for powerful tone
- Priced affordably for educators

Getting the Most Out of Your Reeds

- Be sure to thoroughly break-in and rotate your reeds. Do not play each reed for more than a few minutes in the first days of use.
- The acidity content in one’s saliva may negatively affect the life of a reed. Consider using water to soak your reeds instead.
- Dark spots in the bark of the reed do not indicate that a reed will play poorly.


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