Alliance Prestige Tenor Horn Mouthpiece (Gold Plated Rim & Cup)

Alliance Prestige Tenor Horn Mouthpiece (Gold Plated Rim & Cup)

The workhorse model that offers thoroughbred characteristics; the Alliance Prestige is a very good all-round tenor horn mouthpiece for band players and soloists alike.

Model : [WAGR42-]
Price : AU $259.00 AU $233.00

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This product was updated in our catalog on Thursday 10 June, 2021

Developed with the input of former Black Dyke star Leslie Howie the Prestige 2 has an open backbore, deep cup (although not as deep as the Owen Farr models) and with a large drill size with a short length.

As with the signature range the rim is comfortable whilst the design certainly aids free blowing tonality, lip vibration and flexibility.

It is a heavier weight than the signature line so players need to be careful maintaining technique, especially when tired.

Great versatility
However, it offers great versatility - making it the ideal ensemble mouthpiece for a player with secure production technique who wishes to blend with their section yet still make a distinction mark in front of the band.  

Little wonder it is seen with players at all levels of the banding movement.

For those looking for something with a bit more heft the Prestige model 1 offers a slightly wider cup diameter (19.25mm) – perhaps idea for the player happy with their lot as a 2nd horn.  
 As a long-term investment, it is money very well spent.

Above text details are from 4BR product review, Click Here to see review.

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