Alliance Tenor Horn Mouthpiece - Owen Farr Signature Series (Silver Plated)

It is the tenor horn mouthpiece for the player with ambition to back their technique.

Model : [WFM-OF]
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This product was updated in our catalog on Thursday 10 June, 2021

About the Owen Farr Signature #2 Tenor Horn Mouthpiece.

Designed with the insight and performance expertise of Owen Farr, arguably the best tenor horn player in the world, the Signature 2 has quickly become the mouthpiece of choice for players keen to replicate the free blowing, warm tonality of its signature star.

It has been designed with an open backbore, a long, deep cup, and a large drill size with a short length – the ideal technical specifications in attaining a rich, open tone without losing any degree of flexibility.

It is the mouthpiece for the player with ambition to back their technique.

The Signature 2 does have a thinner rim than the comparison Denis Wick 2A (5.82mm) but is still extremely comfortable, with the deep cup and bore enabling the air to move freely, aiding the lips to vibrate with ease. It gives the player with a secure overall production technique a real boost.   


Instead of relying on a smaller mouthpiece for resistance, you can now find resistance is gained with the tongue, which, in turn, will benefit sound quality and range. The weight of the mouthpiece (heavier than the Wick 2A) is perfectly balanced between the cup and the backbore, helping you stop putting any unnecessary pressure on the lips - even when tired.

Players looking for something a bit brighter in tone should consider the 3 model which has a slightly narrower cup diameter (18.50mm) and rim (5.75mm) whilst the bore is the same. The essential flexibility is maintained but the medium depth cup does make for a more direct sound – ideal for the player wanting a bit of help to project more.

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