Alliance Tenor Horn Mouthpiece (Gold Plated Rim and Cup)

Alliance Tenor Horn Mouthpiece (Gold Plated Rim and Cup)

The Gold cup and rim & Silver body models are priced at $215 whilst all-silver comes in at at $125 
They offer a great deal for the money.

Model : [WAGR-41]
Price : AU $239.00 AU $215.00

Available Options:


This product was updated in our catalog on Friday 11 June, 2021

4BR tested the two most popular – the 2A and 4A, and found them really well designed with a clear purpose in mind. These are the ideal mouthpieces for the developing player or those looking for something that meets their specific needs.   

The Alliance 2A is the mouthpiece that does it all – with a wide cup diameter, comfortable rim and medium cup depth that offers a free blowing tonality with enough flexibility to explore things without compromising technique.
4BR  said, it is the ideal mouthpiece for a player who has mastered the basics and now is determined to develop as player, both within a band section, a small ensemble or as an emerging soloist.

The 4A also has a slightly shallower cup depth but narrower rim and diameter making the sound brighter and more direct. It doesn’t quite have the same degree of flexibility as the 2A but for young player its ideal.

In addition,  whilst discussing things with some cornet players they felt it would be the ideal ‘hybrid’ mouthpiece for those talented multi-instrumentalist types who can give most things a go.

See specifications to select the mouthpiece that is right for you.

Other options

The other options available are the 1A (similar to a Denis Wick 1) – again, ideal for the player who is happiest in the lowest register of the instrument and the 3 & 3A which bridge the gap between the 2A and 4 and 4A.

Although each players needs are different, we can certainly recommend the 2A and 4A.

The 2A does everything with such competency that you could see yourself stopping on one of these for the rest of your banding career if your ambitions are set.

Details above ar from the 4BR web site.

See the full 4BR review HERE  

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