Suzuki 14 Hole Sirius Chromatic Harmonica S-56C

Suzuki 14 Hole Sirius Chromatic Harmonica S-56C

The Suzuki S-56C is a great harmonica. Like all of the Sirius harmonicas, they are extremely airtight,
which makes the lower notes very clear and musical, but it is more maneuverable and easier to hold than 16-hole harp. The cross tuning allows for more air to pass across the reeds, and gives a somewhat louder, fuller and more malleable tone.
As with all Suzuki chromatics, the reeds last a long time, and the valves almost never stick, which gives the confidence to play as expressively as one wants.

Model : [S-56C]
Price : AU $965.00 AU $849.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Sunday 22 November, 2020

The Suzuki Sirius series pouring the know-how cultivated in Fabulous without leaving.

This is a model that can be said as "New Standard of Chromatic Harmonica".

The Suzuki Sirius combines excellent sound production and a modern, yet elegant design that will not fail to impress. The Sirius is a direct spin off of our critically acclaimed

Fabulous range of harmonicas and sets a new standard for chromatic harmonica design. This unique instrument allows the player to perform far more expressively than with traditional Chromatics.



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