Suzuki Manji Limited Edition Harmonica 10th Anniversary Key of C

The ultimate standard model MANJI M-20 which is the core of the Suzuki 10-hole harmonica. M-20 has become a hot topic for an innovative materials and sounds that broke the tradition in the passed, it was greeted with surprise and pleasure in the music world.

Model : [M-20X]
Price : AU $349.00 AU $285.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Friday 13 November, 2020

Ten years passed since its debut.
Now that M-20's "innovation" is being into "immutable",
as a milestone, MANJI M-20X will be released with limited production of 300pcs.

For the M-20 that tried to reproduce the sound of wooden body with new materials,
M-20X adopts a wooden body that dares to look back on tradition.

Using a plate thicker than M-20 for a sticky and strong playability and a heavy tone with a core.

Furthermore the characteristic cover shape is the same as M-20,
laser marking is adapted to mark a limited model in black.

Every detail is carefully adjusted and finished, taking care of every single detail.

You can feel the high potential of M-20 again, and we think that you can also enjoy the difference of each charactaristics between M-20 and M-20X.

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