Holzinger Handmade Single or Double Reed Humidor Case

  Quite comprehensively the best (and most attractive) reed cases we have ever seen! Local Bassoon extraordinaire and skilled woodworker Matthew...

Model : [Holzinger ]
Price : AU $280.00
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Quite comprehensively the best (and most attractive) reed cases we have ever seen! Local Bassoon extraordinaire and skilled woodworker Matthew Holzinger builds these cases in conjunction with his father, an engineer, using a combination of state-of-the-art CNC manufacture and good old fashioned hand craftsmanship. They utilise beautiful Australian timbers, including Tasmanian Blackwood, Jarrah and Redgum, as well as premium cigar humidor parts, to create an exceptionally stable environment for storing all manner of reeds. These cases were developed in conjunction with Dean Newcombe, principal clarinet of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, who needed a top-quality solution for the storage of his many clarinet reeds.


By storing reeds in a humidity controlled environment, without any portion of the reed resting on a flat surface, woodwind players can expect to notice a substantial improvement in the consistency and longevity of their reeds. Cane reeds stored at a stable temperature and humidity will be quicker to warm up, less likely to warp, and more stable in strength over the life of the reed. For players travelling between various climates with their reeds, or for players rotating a large number of reeds, these cases are a lifesaver!


Saxophone specialist Aidan has been using a Holzinger reed case for his tenor and baritone sax reeds for the last few months, and says: "This case has changed my relationship with reeds. As someone who isn't playing every instrument I own every day, this case has dramatically improved the lifespan of my reeds. I'm much less worried about leaving reeds untouched for a week or so and finding that they've died in storage. My Jazz Select reeds now warm up within 1-2 minutes, and I've saved money and time as they've lasted heaps longer. This case is a fantastic investment if you hate mucking around with your reeds!"


We currently have the following reed cases in stock at our Moorabbin store and ready to ship. All of these cases are "small" sized, meaning they will fit oboe, bassoon, Bb/Eb clarinet, or alto sax reeds, depending on the CNC-shaped foam insert supplied. The Holzingers also build a "large" case to fit tenor and baritone sax reeds, which is approximately 20% larger. They are also happy to custom build cases (or create custom foam inserts for existing cases) to fit various combinations of reeds. They're also happy to build cases with your choice of woods, and your choice of satin or gloss finish. Contact us via email if you'd like more info.


Cases in stock (labelled in photos above):

1 - Redgum outer - Rock maple inner - gloss finish

2 - English lime outer - Redgum inner - satin finish

3 - Redgum outer - Rock maple inner - gloss finish

4 - Upcycled Tasmanian Blackwood - gloss finish

5 - Jarrah outer - English lime inner - satin finish

6 - Oak outer - Redgum middle - Jarrah inner stripe - gloss finish

7 - Redgum outer - Rock maple inner - gloss finish

8 - Rock maple outer - Purple heart inner (not Australian wood) - satin finish


If you love one of these cases, please specify the number in the "comments" section of your order, as well as which instrument you play, and we'll put it together for you. These cases are very easy to manage, with a comprehensive instruction sheet included. See next tab for details.


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