Pearl 505E with extra Recurve Headjoint and Soft Case Cover

                   This 'Pearl 505E with Recurve Headjoint and Soft Case Cover' pack includes: Pearl silverplated Curved Headjoint with small hard case,&nbs...

Model : [PE505EUS]
Price : AU $975.00 AU $975.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Wednesday 02 October, 2019


This 'Pearl 505E with Recurve Headjoint and Soft Case Cover' pack includes:

Pearl silverplated Curved Headjoint with small hard case, 

Pearl soft case cover with outside pocket to accomodate the curved headjoint, and 

Pearl 505E Quantz Flute (complete with straight headjoint and soft case cover for standard straight headjoint flute).

This pack is ideal for the young flute player who needs a recurve headjoint now but who will be looking to shift onto a straight headjoint in the future. 

Possibly the best value  flute in the world, the all silver plated 505 Series Pearl Flute is often compared with instruments costing several times its price. You get the same innovative construction and hand-finishing that you expect from Pearl, but at a price  that even a beginner can afford. This is a flute that allows you to grow as a musician.

One-Piece Core-Bar

The one Piece Core-Bar construction of all Pearl Flutes eliminates many of the  wear and tear problems associated with traditionally constructed flutes, specifically in the areas of the high C key and the king post next to the F#   key.
 Pearl has designed one rod that extends from high C through the king 
post resulting in an extremely reliable mechanism that plays more
comfortably, stays in adjustment longer and is easier to service.


Pinless Construction 
The foundation of every Pearl flute is a patented Pinless construction,
which eliminates the problems of traditional flute construction -  protruding needles that snag clothing and give easy entry to perspiration and body acids causing corrosion and binding keys.
 Besides this unique pinless construction, Pearl flutes have additional bridge mechanisms that add strength to the entire mechanism and socket-head screws that are inserted from the underside of the key work, preventing the entry of perspiration in to the mechanism.
 Most flutists have had the experience of having the rod that secures the high C key back out causing excessive play at the Bb key. Additionally, the flute machanism will tend to wear excessively at the king post, next to the F# key. The Pearl one-piece core-bar eliminated the possibility of this problem by designing one rod that extends from the high C through the king post, forming a stainless steel bearing for the shaft of the keys for the right hand. The result is a more reliable mechanism,  that feels better and is easier to keep in adjustment and to service. 

 Split E Mechanism
For decades, most flutes sold in Europe and Japan have been equipped with a split E key. When Boehm designed the modern flute in the mid-1800's, he designed it with an open G# key. The advent of the closed G# key changed the venting for the high E, making that note difficult to control and to play in tune. The split E key restores the original venting, making this note more stable and in tune.


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