Pearl Flute Headjoints

Pearl Flute Headjoints

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The headjoint is the core of the flute. Many players choose to enhance the personality of their present instrument by choosing one of the Pearl Headjoints. All of the Pearl Headjoints are completely Handmade by one worker for meticulous quality control.

The elements that Pearl uses for their Headjoints are Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum. Sterling Silver is characterized by its tremendous projection quality. As the Gold karat increases, the quality of sound becomes darker and warmer. Platinum is also very dark in sound, but also has tremendous projection as well.
Gold and Platinum also do not tarnish.


Pearl Headjoints can also be customized to create a unique hybrid headjoint perfectly suited to the player.
Options available are gold or platinumn plated lip plate risers as well as gold and platinumn lip plates, it is also possible to have custom engravings done.

We recommend you contact us by phone or in person to discuss what headjoint is the right choice for you.


Any Style of Pearl headjoint me be ordered, with materials and 
combinations using Sterling Silver, Gold 10K, 14K & 18K) or Platinum

VIVO: The famed Hungarian flutist Janos Balint, was very influential in developing this headjoint.
It has a powerful and responsive character, using its exclusive cambered taper.
This VIVO design uses a considerable amount of modern sculpturing design to produce a radiant sound.

FORZA: This model is similar to the VIVO Model with a traditional taper. 
It is a very responsive headjoint,
designed for all around performance.

CLASSICO: This is a more traditional Headjoint, and had a warm and rich projection.
The French influence is obvious here. An elegant and refined tone is achieved by moderate over and 
undercutting upon this classical oval embouchure hole.

BOLERO: This mode is similar to the CLASSICO, but with slightly more undercutting to decrease
the resistance.
The French sound is retained in this easy blowing version. 

A truly glorious core, with a solid low register. It is characterized by considerable under and over cutting, 
with a tall riser. 

Please contact regarding availability.