Benefits of our Rental Program

  • Avoid the burden of a large purchase outlay
  • Maintenance service included throughout the rental period*

When you're just starting out

Obtaining equipment is not necessarily inexpensive. Beginners may be concerned whether the eqiupment is really right for them, even worse purchase below standard products which can have devastating effects on potential development.

* Maintenance service provided during the rental period but excludes consumable items expected to be periodically replaced through normal use and (if applicable) also excludes case repairs.

Moving forward

Is your current equipment holding you back in your development, but coming up with the total funds for an upgrade proving out of your reach? For a low monthly rental you can now be using the product of your dreams.

For professionals

With a rental instrument you can always get the benefit of the latest technological advancements and features by just upgrading. That way you can ensure you will have the best and most up to date equipment at your fingertips at all times. In many cases you may even be able to claim your rental payments as a 100% tax deduction.