Lee Oskar Melody Maker Harmonica, Key of High C

With its three altered notes, the Lee Oskar Melody Maker™ is intended for playing Major scale melodies in 2nd Position (Cross Harp). In 1st Position (Straight Harp), you can play: Irish, Clave/Afro music. In 2nd Position (Cross Harp), you can play: R&B, Country, Reggae, Pop, Jazz, Latin.

Model : [LO1910MM-HC]
Price : AU $69.99 AU $59.95
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The Lee Oskar Melody Maker™ harmonica makes it easier to play Standards and many other songs that can be difficult to play on a Major Diatonic, while producing a very expressive sound viagra prezzo. The Melody Maker™  is the best harp available for playing single-note melodies. Because we changed the reeds in draw/inhale and blow/exhale, you can also play beautiful chords on this harp.

(The Melody Maker™ is NOT recommended for Blues).

Incredible For Playing Melodies In Cross Harp!

These harmonicas provide a complete major scale, in cross harp, for playing exact melody without bending. Yet, the draw notes can still be bent for that bluesy feeling! 

Melody Makers are designed to be played in cross harp (draw), not straight harp
(blow). In cross harp, melodies can be played with an expressive, fluid style that
is extremely difficult to achieve in straight harp.

Available in 9 Keys
(Listed low to high):
C, D, E, Eb, F, G, A, Bb, High C


Major Diatonics are key-labeled in 1st Position.

The Major Diatonic lacks the flatted notes which are needed to play the Minor scales and chords used in the traditional folk songs of many cultures.

Melody Makers™ are key-labeled in 2nd Position.

This makes it easy to know which key of Melody Maker™ to use.

To play music in the key of G, in 2nd Position, use a G Melody Maker™. It's that simple! G for G. The chart below shows the notes that have been altered from a Major Diatonic, allowing you to play melodies easily in 2nd Position.

Melody Makers™ provide a complete Major Scale as shown.