Moosmann Bassoon (Model 222)

Moosmann Bassoon (Model 222)

Seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia, stained mahogany; French polish lacquer; 28 keys made of German silver, silver-plated; all finge...

Model : [Moos-222 ]
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Seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia, stained mahogany; French polish lacquer; 28 keys made of German silver, silver-plated; all finger holes have hard rubber tubes, protruding inside the bore (nickel-silver or sterling silver tubes also available); pivot screws with lock nut and hardened, high tensile steel ball bearings; 13 rollers, 2 "Excellent"-bocals.

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Standard & Supplements


Seasoned mountain maple \"\"      
Seasoned curly mountain maple   \"\" \"\" \"\"
"Excellent" series bocal \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
"Interpret" series bocal \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
French polish lacquer finish \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
High-D-key \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
E/F# trill key/ left hand, middle finger \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
C# trill right hand, 1st finger \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
Double Bb key/ right hand, 3rd finger \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
Double low C key, removable \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
Tubes protruding inside bore \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
Balance hanger \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
silver plated key work \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
Double Eb/ C# D# trill key   \"\" \"\" \"\"
High-E-key \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
High-F-key     \"\" \"\"
Ab/ Bb trill key/ right hand thumb   \"\" \"\" \"\"
Rollers on low E keys   \"\" \"\" \"\"
Rollers on low C/D keys \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
Rollers on C#/ Whisper keys   \"\" \"\" \"\"
Connection A key/ Whisper key   \"\" \"\" \"\"
Water key on U-tube \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"
5-piece model (gentleman\'s model)     \"\" \"\"
Ball bearing pivot system       \"\"
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On Models 200 and 222 you can choose to have larger bore lined or unlined

The Bocal

The extent to which a certain musical interpretation is assisted depends on the instrument\'s technical features. By choosing an appropriate bassoon bocal, it is possible to influence the capabilities of the instrument in a certain way. The factors open to variation are the material, wall thickness, dimensions and production processes. The clearly distinguishable difference between the "Excellent" and "Interpret" series is attributable exclusively to differences in the production process. Created in cooperation with eminent bassoonists from celebrated orchestras, our bocal set new standards. In terms of their resonance behavior, they can be characterized as follows:




strong dampening effect; similar to thin walls): These bocals have an extremely responsive vibration system, which makes them highly suitable for the delicacy of chamber music. Sounds can be created out of almost nothing and the vibration stabilizes faster and with less effort. This characteristic also makes it easier to play staccato. The resonance characteristics are not as pronounced and legato passages can be played more smoothly. These bocals are also distinguished by their warm and flexible sound projection.

Main features: Versatility and diversity of timbres, broader interpretative scope.

"Excellent" (mild dampening effect, similar to thick walls): As these bocals generate a greater sound projection, they are better suited for use in larger ensembles. The responsiveness is more pronounced and this yields greater stability and accuracy of pitch. Less effort is required to center and focus the notes, but a little more effort is required for slurs and staccato.

Main features: Stability and power.

Key to bocal materials Key to cone type
W German silver
G Brass
T Gold brass
B Bronze
AG Sterling silver
Key to wall thickness Key to bocal length
D Thin-walled
0 Very short
1 Short
F Thick-walled
2 Long
3 Very long

"Interpret" bocals are only available unplated.
"Excellent" bocals are produced with nickel and silver plating. We
also supply gold-plated bocals on request.