Mollenhauer Canta Alto-Treble Recorder (Pear Wood) 2246

This Mollenhauer Canta Alto-Treble Recorder (Pear Wood) features a secure response, homogeneous sound characteristics, constant intonation, and user-friendly keys. It has a 2-year guarantee.

SKU : [MOL-2246]
Price : AU $899.00 AU $695.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Friday 11 December, 2020

Mollenhauer Canta 2246 Alto-Treble Recorder (Pear Wood, One Key) has the following features:
1) Secure Response:
Each recorder is hand-tuned and tested in the traditional manner by experienced instrument makers.
2) Homogeneous Sound Characteristics:
This model series has been created as an integrated set and can be reliably used in ensembles for various kinds of music.
3) Constant Intonation:
Through acoustic research and the use of the most modern measuring methods, we have been able to give these instruments an optimal balance.
4) User-Friendly Keys:
Thanks to our long experience building transverse flutes we are able to design reliable and user-friendly keys.
5) 2-Year Guarantee:
Guaranteed security. Our repair service quickly takes care of material or manufacturing defects.