Jupiter - JHR1100L- F/B-flat Double French Horn - Lacquer Finish

Precision Mechanical-Linked Tapered Rotary Valve combined with open wrap design creates a free blowing and responsive performance experience.

SKU : [JHR1100]
Price : AU $5,090.00 AU $4,326.50
This product was updated in our catalog on Friday 28 January, 2022

The JHR1100L double horn possesses the tonal color and transparency well suited for any performance. The Geyer wrap reduces resistance and helps produce remarkable volume. With the many professional features, the JHR1100L will take a student through their collegiate education. It's a solid, weighty horn with accurate intonation, splendid low register, great lightweight pro case and nice, rounded mouthpiece.

Newly designed linkages provide excellent feel, and stable mechanics. Nickel silver rotor-housings mean that this is built to last, and is a formidable addition in the usually 'hard-to-get-right' category of intermediate/semi-professional horns. Available to try now at ozwinds.