Jupiter JBC-1000N Bass Clarinet

Model : [JBC-1000N]
Price : AU $3,399.00 AU $2,699.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Wednesday 16 September, 2020


 When you buy a new Jupiter Bass Clarinet, model JBC-1000N from one of our stores, you will be given clear instructions on how to handle your bass clarinet during assembly and how to care for your new Jupiter bass clarinet by one our professional sales staff, and or Service Technicians.

We encourage you to return this instrument to us for free maintenance during the first 12 months.
This is our in store service that many other sellers do not or cannot offer.

Jupiter JBC1000N Bass Clarinet
The Jupiter 1000N Bass Clarinet is a solid, well-constructed instrument that is at home in a school's band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, or a recording studio. This Jupiter Bass Clarinet offers rich harmony to woodwind sections or a unique alternative for improvising soloists.

The Jupiter 1000N Bass Clarinet has a 2-piece body with an adjustable floor peg, inline trill keys, undercut tone holes, and a wood-frame case. Same as the 673BN model which does not come appart in the middle section for storing in a more compact case.




 Aus suggested RRP $3,399