Hohner CX12 Chromatic Jazz Harmonica (KEY OF F)

Hohner CX12 Chromatic Jazz Harmonica (KEY OF F)

At first glance, the striking red-to-gold opalescent finish of the CX12 Jazz is hard to overlook. However, there’s more to this baby than meets the eye. Based on the brilliant and successful design of the CX12 Black, the CX12 Jazz boasts a narrower mouthpiece radius, which makes it even more comfortable to play.
Key of F, which is no longer made.

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This product was updated in our catalog on Tuesday 30 November, 2021

The casing of the CX-12 "Jazz", constructed on the basis of the tried and tested CX-12, has a great “new look” which doesn’t just have optical appeal.
The new mouthpiece has been specially milled according to modern ergonomic principles so that the radius at the front is slightly smaller. This enables the player to enclose the channel openings more closely and fits perfectly to the form of the lips.

The fast response and slightly higher reed offsets give a dynamic and powerful sound with plenty of drive. The new casing is also fully compatible with previous CX-12 models.With the CX-12 “Jazz”, Hohner has succeeded in creating an instrument which is the ideal link between chromatics for the traditional player and the Mellow Tone and  Hard Bopper models from our popular “Toots Thielemans” series, specially designed for jazz.

Gold/red "faded" plastic integrated cover and sculpted mouthpiece, length 16.8cm, plastic comb, 12 holes/48 reeds, 1.05mm brass reeds.

This is no longer made by Hohner Germany (Key of F)