Hammig Piccolo Model 650/2

This Philipp Hammig Piccolo is handmade with a grenadilla wood body and head joint.
Mechanism are constructed of nickel-silver, heavily coated with pure silver.
Available headjoint options include Hammig Cut, Modified Wave, or Modified Wave Thin.

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This product was updated in our catalog on Thursday 29 April, 2021


Piccolo Headjoints.

Hammig Cut

Provides a dark, sweet sound with depth and projection throughout all registers. This style offers a comfortable
amount of resistance and is very colorful and powerful.

Modified Wave

Affords a great amount of stability and control with an extremely focused rich sound. A very gratifying response
and wide dynamic range are characteristic qualities.

Modified Wave Thin

Thin-wall version of the modified wave style featuring
a hand-carved raised embouchure plate. This innovative
design combines the stability and clarity of the modified
wave style with the flexibility of thin-wall tubing.