BG Flute Head Joint Swab Replacements A32HRS

Model : [A32HRS]
Price : AU $15.95 AU $14.36
This product was updated in our catalog on Friday 26 July, 2019

Please note: This is the replacement swab for the A32About BG Swab Flute Head Joint & Body
  This oes not contain the rod attachment.

Perhaps the most ingenious swab design to date!! The BG head joint swab features an adapter that fits onto your cleaning rod. The swab is attached via velcro and may be changed when overly soiled.

BG Swabs are high quality products from France.
   These are the most effective cleaning swabs we can find in the market place today.
 Lint free, highly absorbent and easy to use.
Chamois style and will not scratch  your instrument.
   These are fully washable and are non fluffing.