Extended Service Plan

Woodwind Instrument Schedule.

  • After 8 weeks, call in for its first check over for regulation and adjustments.  
    (Done while you wait, usually takes about 30 - 60 minutes, Monday - Friday by appointment)  - Totally Free

Brasswind Instrument Schedule.

It is important your instrument is maintained.  Annual servicing is highly recommended. 

All new instruments require adjustments during the playing in period as pads, felts and corks may compress.
Key regulation and adjustments will be required on all woodwind instruments during the first 12 months of playing. 
If these are not attended to, the player may not enjoy the instrument to its full potential.

Brasswind instruments require less attention as there are comparatively fewer moving parts to woodwind instruments, but there are other factors to be considered, such as valve / rotor stroke alignment, water key seating and mouthpiece gap and flushing.

All Brass and Woodwind instruments require
annual servicing when played on a regular basis

We are Authorised Service Agents for all the major brands we sell, including:
Yamaha, Buffet, Selmer, Bach, Jupiter, Pearl flutes, Haynes flutes, B&S, King, Conn and more.

Each new instrument is covered by a manufacturer's warranty which covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover general or major maintenance.


  • Damage caused by abuse, accidental, intentional or otherwise
  • Repair of finish of lacquered or plated surfaces (outside of manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Cost of parts used in the repair / servicing process, such as pads, springs, felts, corks and alike.
  • Accessories originally sold with instrument including the case

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