Buffet Crampon E13 Clarinet with pre sale set-up

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THE NEW E13:  This is the latest version from Buffet Crampon and should not be confused with the earlier version.   With new ...

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This product was updated in our catalog on Wednesday 28 November, 2018

THE NEW E13:  This is the latest version from Buffet Crampon and should not be confused with the earlier version.
  With new mechanical improvements, this clarinet is fantastic and the tone produced with the all white leather pads is warm and rich.

Supplied in the Professional R13 Clarinet case.

The name E13 is legendary for a clarinet that has been around for over 40 years. With its origins in the BC20 – the clarinet played by Jacques Lancelot – the E13 has accompanied amateurs and advanced musicians to conservatories, music schools and wind orchestras the world over.

Made from the best pieces of Mozambican grenadilla wood and assembled in the brand’s own workshops, this clarinet has all the technical characteristics of a semi-professional line: silver plated keywork, blue steel springs, screwed-in pillars, threaded screws and natural cork lining the joints.

Already equipped with leather pads in January 2015, the E13 has now inherited the completely new bell of sister clarinet, the RC (cf. Robert Carrée), which gives more projection and brightness no matter what the range or tone. The low F key adjustment screw allows a finer control of the resulting action implemented by its lever.

  We offer this E13 Clarinets with the professional R13 case or the all new Bam back pack case.

Buffet E-13 Clarinets are recommended by music teachers because of their easy response and remarkable accuracy, these clarinets help the musician to develop their musical talent.Buffet E13 clarinets are made from grenadilla wood. This special wood is found in the forests of Mozambique and Tanzania and is known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments. Whatever his or her level, the musician will appreciate the feel and the acoustic qualities of BUFFET CRAMPON intermediate clarinets. The bore (internal diameter) has been specially designed to increase easy response, flexibility and even performance in all registers.

Every instrument we sell, is inspected & or adjusted by our qualified technicians. Your instrument will be capable of playing at peak performance when you receive it. We are a Buffet Authorised Warranty and Service Agent.

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