Buescher Bass Saxophone With Custom Case (NOW SOLD)

Price : AU $12,000.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Monday 27 April, 2020

Here's one we definitely don't see every day, and particularly not in such fantastic condition! Dating back to around 1927, this horn exhibits remarkably little wear and tear for a 100 year old instrument, suggesting that it has spent much of its life tucked away in its case. There is no sign of current or prior pull down on the neck, and only 2 or 3 tiny dents throughout the body, which is genuinely impressive for an instrument of this age and this scale!


This horn has clean and relatively new pads throughout, as well as remarkably tight and solid keywork, so it has clearly had a good service within the last few years. The pad work is all very good quality,  so with good air support the sax plays well across the range. Make no mistake, this is a tough beast to drive, requiring much more air support and volume of air than even a baritone sax, but the reward is a uniquely authoritative sound, in a truly impressive register. Bass saxes are widely utilised by Hollywood film composers for devastating effect along with low brass, and this horn makes it easy to see why.


For the collector looking to add a rare instrument in spectacular condition, or for the low woodwind specialist not overly keen to spend $30,000+ on a new Selmer or Keilwerth, this saxophone presents an opportunity too good to pass up. Rather impressive is the inclusion of the original Buescher hard rubber bass sax mouthpiece, which greatly helps to stabilise intonation and response when compared to playing this horn with a bari setup. The original mouthpiece has a very closed tip opening, so most players will find Vandoren #4 bass reeds to be about right. Also supplied is a large metal custom fitted hard case, with nice tight fitting shaped foam to protect the horn in transit.



Don't miss this rare chance to try out and possibly own an impeccably maintained piece of saxophone history, with a uniquely rich and commanding voice. Contact our Moorabbin store to arrange a play test. We can even sell you a (rather expensive) Vandoren bass sax reed, in order to test it with the original mouthpiece!