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Dating back to 1949, this well-kept Aristocrat bari, with its lovely low Bb bell, demonstrates the lovely richness of tone and warmth associated with low Bb baris, and vintage American horns in general. Called the Big B thanks to its distinctive bell engraving, these horns were considered top-tier professional classical instruments of their day, however they also posses the range and tonal depth to sound just as authentic in a small group jazz or big band setting.

Playing wise this horn is surprisingly nimble for a 1940s instrument. It possesses a full set of fairly new white leather pads, as well as nice new black felts and adjusting corks across the range. It has received a minor service from our workshop to correct some key adjustment and pad alignment, and with medium finger pressure seals comfortably all over. Being just over 70 years old, it does exhibit a little bit of wear and tear in the keywork, so players used to using very soft finger pressure will have to get used to driving this horn a bit harder, however this is certainly typical of vintage American baris across the board. Controlling this horn is initially quite different to modern low A bari, both ergonomically and in voicing of the high and low registers, however the reward for investing time understanding its idiosyncracies is a warm, velvety sound with a rich fundamental core, truly authentic to the vintage American sound.

Included with this instrument is the (presumably) original contoured wooden shell hard case, along with a Rico Metalite M7 mouthpiece, and a plastic Yamaha L1 mouthpiece with metal ligature. Contact our Moorabbin store to organise a test play today!



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