Besson Sovereign 980 EEb Tuba

Besson Sovereign 980 EEb Tuba

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This product was updated in our catalog on Saturday 16 October, 2021

Instrument Details

The Besson BE980 EE-flat tuba is widely viewed as the top professional EE-flat tuba. It has the same layout as the BE981/BE982 tuba but with a 17" bell. The playing characteristics are more in line with the front valved BE983 tuba. The sound is rich and full toned with a centred, focused tone, excellent intonation and easy response.

This tuba is a very good choice for the soloist who prefers the brass band style valve layout.

It is also the choice of many of the leading charismatic performers in the brass band world who provide the foundation for the organ-like tone of the top bands in the world today. The heritage of the Besson tuba sound is proudly maintained with this extraordinary instrument.

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