Besson Sovereign CC Tuba (BE-995)

Besson Sovereign CC Tuba (BE-995)

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Instrument details

The Besson BE995 CC tuba represents the first time Besson has produced a front-action, 5-valve full size CC tuba. The BE995 is an exceptional professional instrument with a "four piston, one rotary" non compensating valve configuration. It is surprisingly lightweight, and produces a rich, colour ful, clear and deep sound.

A highly efficient instrument with a wide dynamic range and a powerful low register, this tuba provides maximum sound output with less effort than other makes of CC tuba.

Instrument specifications

Key: CC
Bore: .748" (19mm)
Bell diameter: 19" (483mm)
Valves: 4 bottom sprung stainless steel pistons + 1 rotary
Non compensating system
Water keys: 4
Finishes: lacquer or bright silverplate
Supplied outfit, in case with Alliance mouthpiece in leather case and accessories

Instrument characteristics

*Delrin valve guides : Smooth valve action
*Stainless steel valves : Durable smooth action
*Non compensating system :
*Light weight valve springs : Ensure fast, positive valve action
*Front action valves : Increased comfort and manoeuvrability
*High quality fitted case with wheels : Protection and ease of handling