Bach LT190S1B Commercial Trumpet


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This product was updated in our catalog on Sunday 21 March, 2021

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Introducing the Bach Stradivarius Commercial Trumpet. Combining new materials and processes with vintage design elements, the new Stradivarius models offer amazing agility, quick response and easy performance in extreme registers all wrapped in the signature Bach sound.

The NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Bb trumpet is offered in two bore sizes .459 ML bore and .462 L bore, as well as in Silver-plate finish or Lacquer finish. 5" diameter one-piece hand hammered lightweight bronze #1 bell with flat rim. Also includes a modified #43 mouth pipe.

The NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Trumpet in Clear Lacquer finish.
LT190S1B - .459 Medium Large Bore
LT190SL1B - .462 Large Bore

The NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Trumpet features lightweight brass outer and lightweight nickel-silver inner slide tubing.

The NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Trumpet also has newly designed crescent shape pull knobs.
The NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Trumpet features a push-button water key.
The Bach Commercial Trumpet features Vincent Bach's very first bell design....the #1 or also known as the "T" bell.

Check out all the features on the NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Trumpet. Newly designed crescent shape pull knobs, 2-piece brass valve casings with bronze balusters, forward facing 2nd slide, minimal bracing to allow maximum vibration, #1 Bell, lightweight commercial bronze bell with 5" French-style bell rim.

Comes with a hardshell, leather-bound case and Bach mouthpiece of your choice (subject to availability).