Bach LR19043B \"Mariachi\" Bronze Bell Trumpet

Bach LR19043B "Mariachi" Bronze Bell Trumpet

Bach "Mariachi" Bronze Bell Trumpet offers a 25 reverse-leadpipe, .459 medium-large bore, two-piece valve construction, and lightweight yellow brass body.

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This product was updated in our catalog on Sunday 28 November, 2021

The new LR19043B ushers in a new era in the world of Bach Stradivarius. This marks the first time that bronze material has been used in the production of one-piece hand-hammered professional Bach bells. – Bach Brass

This new offering from Bach is as much a work of visual art as it is a refined and exquisite instrument. The LR19043B ‘Mariachi’ offers a 25 reverse-leadpipe, .459 medium-large bore, two-piece valve construction, lightweight yellow brass body and a one-piece hand-hammered 90% copper ‘bronze’ brass bell. This provides the typical free-blowing playing experience to which 43-lovers are accustomed, along with the quick response of a light-weight instrument. The warmth and resonance offered by the copper-rich bell is immediately apparent and its ease of projection is second to none. While designed in coordination with Mariachi specialist Jose Hernandez with the fast, tight staccato of Mariachi music in mind, this trumpet would be comfortable in any setting. The warm sound core typical of Bach trumpets is present, but the 43B Mariachi trumpet brightens up at will and provides a sonorous and reliable playing experience. Bach explains; In pianissimo passages, it offers a very soft, sweet sound, but when you put more air into the horn, it straightens out into a shimmering, brilliant, regal sound.

The ‘deluxe engraving’ presented on the bell section is nothing short of stunning and indicates that this trumpet really is something special. Hand-selected by Bach artist and trumpet tester Lonnie Wagonner, this specimen represents the cream of the crop of Bach trumpets. Contact us today to trial this extraordinary instrument.