Aungles Performance Model Flute Microphone

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Aungles Flute Microphone applications
It is ideal for flute & guitar, flute and harp or flute and piano duos. The Aungles Flute Microphone is great for busking and is excellent for amplifying the sound of the flute when playing with other loud instruments in jazz bands.The Aungles Flute Microphone can be used by flute players for church services where modern electric instruments are used or large modern church buildings require the use of amplification. The Aungles Flute Microphone is ideal for home recording systems or digital recording through your computer. Make your own demonstration tapes. Use the microphone as a teaching tool to record you or your students. The microphone provides a constant reliable sound level no matter where the player stands. Overcome the problems of poor playback quality when using microphones built into portable cassette players.The Aungles Flute Microphone is also compatible with many wireless radio transmitter sound systems which allow flute players the total freedom to move.

Aungles flute microphone holder, microphone(mounted on holder) 
microphone wind sock 
1/8" to 1/4" plug adapter 
alto/bass flute adapter 
Aungles Flute microphone manual/instruction sheet and a box with a sleeve.

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