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"York" - A new Era in the History if Brass Instruments begins

_H1_PRESS RELEASE_/H1_ _H2_Schreiber & Keilwerth Musikinstruments GmbH_/H2_ _H2_November 20, 2006_/H2_ _H3__FONT color=#660000_"York" - A new Era in the History if Brass Instruments begins_/FONT__/H3_ _DIV__FONT face=Arial size=2_In January 2007, the musical instrument manufacturer Schreiber & Keilwerth will present the new brand "York" ; two professional series of piston valve brass instruments from cornets to tuba. The instruments will be available in lacquer or silver plate and represent the famous sound of the finest British brass bands._/FONT__/DIV_ _DIV__FONT face=Arial size=2__/FONT_ _/DIV_ _DIV__FONT face=Arial size=2_They are produced in the Schreiber & Keilwerth factory in Markneukirchen (Vogtland, Germany), one of the most advanced wind instrument factories in Europe. Until now, components for brass instruments made in the UK were made in this factory. All components for the new brass instruments line "York" will be made with the existing, historically correct tooling. Thus, musicians will be offered brass instruments with the typical British brass sound._/FONT__/DIV_ _DIV__FONT face=Arial size=2__/FONT_ _/DIV_ _DIV__FONT face=Arial size=2_The new "York" brass instruments will be available through authorised dealers from February 2007 onwards._/FONT__/DIV_

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