Alliance Prestige Cornet Mouthpiece Gold Plated Rim and Cup

A high quality, precision engineered mouthpiece.

SKU : [WAGR-22]
Price : AU $239.00 AU $215.00
This product was updated in our catalog on Saturday 08 May, 2021

All mouthpieces and in particular the rims (standard and wide) are designed for maximum comfort, easy and clear production and enhanced endurance.

For size details, see the Cornet Mouthpiece Specifications and Sizing guide here  to select your ideal mouthpiece.

NB: Alliance Prestige cornet mouthpieces are available in 2, 2W, 2A, 2AW and 2B sizes. For other sizes, see Alliance Standard cornet mouthpieces.

Please tell us in the comments section during check out, which size you are wanting to purchase.

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