Abbott Premier C Melody Saxophone (NOW SOLD)

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Likely made at the Martin factory in the early 20th century, this C melody sax is stamped "Abbott Premier New York". It is stamped L for Low Pitch, and features a beautiful satin silver body, with silver plated keywork, and a resplendant gold wash bell, all of which are looking fantastic. It retains a number of antiquated saxophone design features, including split bell keys, a fully operational rear Eb trill mechanism, soldered tone holes with bevelled chimneys, a G# trill key, no high F# key, and no front F mechanism.

This saxophone has been remarkably well preserved, and with the finish looking barely worn at all, it has obviously spent a good portion of its life in storage in a cupboard or under a bed. It was fulle repadded at some point in the last 10 years or so, and all of the new pads are very clean. Aside from some minor key play on the right hand stack and bell keys, the key fitting is all nice and solid too. Saxophones of this vintage often tend to be full restoration jobs, however this one has already had the majority of the work done entirely, and is ready to roll.

Playability wise this saxophone is never going to be as comfortable or easy to play in tune as any modern horns, but for a C melody it's not too unwieldy. Vintage horn enthusiasts will be right at home with the American-style ergonomics. The neck is currently corked to fit a tenor mouthpiece, and when played in this way it offers that warm, almost stuffy C melody voice that is distinctly different to the tenor sound. With a period correct mouthpiece, it would play more evenly, and likely more in tune too. You'll likely have to track one down from overseas though!

If you've always wanted to add a C melody to your arsenal, or possibly start/add to a collection of interesting horns, this horn will definitely be a bit of fun! Included is a very pretty (probably aftermarket) exposed wood shell case, with an engraved brass badge.


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