New ‘Exquisite’ B-Flat Trumpet by B&S


One of the most prominent figures in L.A. commercial trumpet playing is Malcolm McNab; famous for solos on Hollywood soundtracks to Dances with Wolves, Independence Day, Men in Black, Pretty Woman, Indiana Jones, E.T. and L.A. Confidential, to name a few.

McNab worked in collaboration with the Master Makers at B&S to create the new ‘Exquisite’ line of instruments. The B-flat Exquisite features a Medium bore (0.444″) for a more resistant feel (ideal for smaller mouthpiece players) and easier slots in the upper register. Silver-plated for a little extra sparkle in every register, although available in clear-lacquer to suit those with a naturally more bright sound. The smaller bell diameter (4.7″) makes this horn suitable for playing straight into the mic or for section use.

The B&S 'Exquisite' Model B-Flat Trumpet in bright silver plate

The B&S ‘Exquisite’ Model B-Flat Trumpet in bright silver plate

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