Medium Soft and Medium European Oboe Reeds – COMING SOON!

After an overwhelming European Scrape Oboe Reed launch in June of 2016, there was one piece of feedback we heard more than anything else: “The reeds are great, but I would love a softer choice!”

Legere have listened and will be announcing an on sale date for for these new reeds very shortly.  Testing so far indicates the new strengths are freer blowing, are more stable, and are easier to play for long periods of time versus the current Oboe Reed (now labeled Medium- Hard).  So far, we have every reason to believe the new strengths will be preferred by almost all oboists.

Pre-orders are now being accepted so don’t delay.

More Légère News

Derek Brown is a master of extended techniques and a Légère endorsing artist. His album, BEATBOX SaX, is currently in the top 25 of the Billboard Jazz Charts. In this feature artist video, Derek talks about his experience with Légère reeds and also gives advice to musicians considering changing brands.